Impact Finite Element Analysis of a Detailed Clavicle Implant Model

Peter Jarvis


Finite element analysis (FEA) software can be used to simulate biomechanics to greatly contribute to the medical community and help improve current procedures. This report explores the concept that it may be beneficial to remove a clavicle implant once a
broken clavicle has mended. Abaqus has been used to simulate the stress response from a vertical impact onto a clavicle with a superior titanium implant and comparing it to when the titanium implant has been removed from the bone. FEA results show that
removing the implant allows the entire length of the clavicle to experience a smooth deformation resulting in more uniform stresses along the bone. However, when the implant is not removed, the concentrated stresses at the end of the plate are no larger than what is experienced throughout the entire clavicle in the comparison test. This particular clavicle implant simulation supports the validity of current medical procedures relating to clavicle implants. It is not beneficial to perform a follow up surgical procedure to remove an implant once the bone has healed.

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