Computational Design of Novel Materials

Luke Spencer


This report details the final year project of computational design of lattice structures.
The aim of this project was to create a base platform for the design of custom and novel
lattice structures using computationally expensive evaluations coupled with a multiobjective,
multi-concept optimization algorithm. A literature review on space filling
polyhedra, lattice structure applications and design optimization of lattice structures is
presented. The methods for automated lattice generation of three space filling polyhedral
cells is detailed. Automated repeatable evaluation functions of lattice properties using
CATIA and ABAQUS are detailed. The integration of lattice generation and evaluations
into the optimization algorithm is described. Four lattice optimisation problems are
presented with problem formulation and results to validate the novel lattice structure
design platform. Discussion of results and recommendations for continuation of this
project and future work is included at the end of this report.

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