Manufacturing and Material Characterisation of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Thermoset Composites in Sandwich Panels

Connor Bosch


The fabrication of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Thermosets has enabled new limits to be reached in both structural design and performance of components in many industries. With strength and light weight construction being heavily desired in the aeronautic and automotive worlds it is easy to see why extensive research into the realm of composite materials is underway. With this in mind, the aim of this project was to characterise Carbon Fibre Reinforced Thermoset Laminates as well as in Sandwich Panel form with a Nomex core. The methodology behind the project involved utilising UNSW equipment, testing machines, and laboratories, in order to demonstrate the quality and effectiveness of thermoset prepreg composite manufacturing and experimental characterisation here on campus. Throughout the project both literature reviews and ASTM standards were used to guide the fabrication, testing and characterisation of the different testing samples. Once results were gained from the characterisation tests undertaken, the data was compared to that of published data found through literature reviews to gain a comparison of results.

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