Reflection of plane shocks from cavities of varying shapes



The variations in two-dimensional flow characteristics as a normal shock wave propagates towards and is reflected from a cavity wall of certain shape are explored within this thesis. Due to the complexity of the features that arise as a result of these reflections, many aspects of this field of study are either yet to be explored or sufficient evidence and knowledge on an existing area of research is yet to be reached. With this in mind, this thesis aims at investigating shock focusing phenomena by leaving many of the physical and geometrical parameters constant - with the main feature that is varied in this study being the eccentricity of the reflectors’ geometrical shapes. Flow features which this report analyses will be confined to how reflection of the shock develops as it propagates deeper into the cavity leading up to complete reflection and the subsequent shock focusing. It has been found that the eccentricity and or depth of the cavity also dictates whether the reflection type is of regular configuration (also known as Regular reflection) or irregular or Mach reflection. Interest will also be directed at the way the shock encounters the lip of the cavity as this can have drastic effects on the characteristics of the subsequent flow features.

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