Development of a biofidelic model of the human head under simulated blast loading

Jack Walters


This report develops part of the framework for a paired numerical and experimental model consisting of synthetic alternatives to study the effects of blast loading on Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). A method using aluminium and polyurethane foam projectiles fired from a gas gun shows promise to produce simulated blast loading for the study of such injuries. To understand the suitability of synthetic alternatives, compression testing on three bone candidates was completed to compare their relative biofidelity. Bonesim proved to be the most viable bone candidate and was therefore used along with a skin simulant and Sylgard 527 gel moulded into a clear acrylic tube to successfully view pressure wave propagation through the resulting synthetic ‘head section’. This configuration may provide the capacity for new insights into the mechanisms of TBI and a robust test system for novel protection systems.

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