Spall Response of Additive Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V: A Microstructural Investigation

Adam Gregg


Ti-6Al-4V is commonly found in the aerospace, defence and biomedical industries due
to its high strength-to-weight ratio, environmental and corrosion resistance, high strength
at low temperatures and good biomedical compatibility. Additive manufacturing (AM) of
metals, specifically Ti-6Al-4V, is a relatively new and rapidly developing industry. As
such, limited research has been conducted on the effect of AM processing techniques on
both microstructure and properties. Specifically, the dynamic response of AM Ti-6Al-4V
is yet to be fully characterized and compared to its traditionally processed counterparts.
This project investigated how the AM process affected Ti-6Al-4V microstructure and
subsequent spall response as a function of processing technique and build direction. This
report details the initial material characterisation, experimental methods and results of
the project.

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