Design of a Supersonic Diffuser and its Effect on Shock Vector Control

Christopher Reeves


The addition of a diffuser on the University of New South Wales (UNSW) - Canberra
Nozzle Test Rig should allow higher mach numbers to be reached. This capability is able
to provide additional capacity for experiments conducted at UNSW - Canberra as a lowcost
alternative to other testing facilities around the country. This paper will explore the
restrictions imposed on the diffuser by the test rig and study its effect on Shock Vector
Control. It was found that a higher Mach number flow was able to be achieved with the
addition of a diffuser and that a shock was able to be induced. It was found that, even
with shock impingement internally to the flow, an increase in the injection pressure ratio
resulted in an decrease in axial thrust and an increase in side thrust.

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