Human Pose Estimation using Ultrasonic Positioning

Katherine Louise Head


This project investigates the use of ultrasonic positioning in the application of human
pose estimation with a view to developing an indoor positioning system accurate to half a
millimetre for use in medical imaging. This is to meet the requirements specified by
Canberra Hospital. It is often desirable for doctors to be able to observe the internal
motion of bone and muscle after injury or surgery, and there currently exists no way to
do this. This project aimed to fill that gap. The most accurate indoor positioning systems
currently commercially available are accurate to 1-2cm. This project investigated a
number of concepts including multipath interference, hardware delay, temperature
effects, the integration of multiple receivers and two positioning methods (ToA and
TDoA) with the ToA method resulting in an accuracy of 0.5227mm.


Indoor positioning systems; ultrasonic positioning systems, medical imaging

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