Structural Health Monitoring of Mechanically Fastened Joints within Aircraft Skin Panels

Shashank Ramakrishna


Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is the process of implementing a damage identification strategy to any engineering infrastructure. A wide variety of highly effective non-destructive evaluation tools are able to be used for monitoring of all structural applications of engineering within aerospace, civil, and mechanical disciplines. Current techniques of SHM on aircraft can be very time consuming and expensive, hence it would be desirable to develop alternative procedures to perform continuous, in-service health and usage monitoring of aircraft structures. In this project, Vibration Monitoring is the method of non-destructive evaluation used and its application in modern SHM of aircraft is assessed. Within this project, Aircraft Skin Panels are simulated by simple panels with the use of mechanically bolts in place of rivets. This project looks to see if any relationship can be found with the looseness of bolts within a panel and the effect it has on the natural frequencies of that panel. From modal analysis it was found that there was a linear correlation between the changes in natural frequency and the number of bolts that were loose within a panel.


aeronautics; structures; vibration

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