Investigation of Chemical Admixture Interactions in the Development of Printable Concrete

Michael James Lynch


This study is focused on exploring admixture interactions in order to develop an acceptable concrete that can be used in a potential automated construction process. This automated construction process can be described as concrete printing. Printing concrete construction involves concrete being pump through a system to be extruded into its desired shape without form work. This thesis is focused on exploring the issues involved with developing a concrete that is structurally viable and can meet the requirement to make this construction process possible. In order to make this possible, rapid setting must be achieved. Therefore hydration of cement is explored along with the use of accelerators. In addition, the uses of super-plasticisers containing air entrainment properties are explored to see if they are beneficial in the creation of a printable concrete.


Conncrete Admixture; Super-plasticisers; accelerators; concrete testing

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