Further development of a filament-wound gyroplane hub bar

Jaison Remo Alabado


Current hub bar designs for recreational gyroplane aircraft have suffered a number of catastrophic failures. Investigations into why aluminium rotor hub bars have failed revealed fretting fatigue as the principal cause. Previous investigations of the design and manufacture of a simple filament-wound composite hub bar have established that it has the potential to exceed all the strength properties of conventional aluminium hub bars except its torsional stiffness. The aim of this project is to further develop the previous composite hub bar design so that its torsional stiffness exceeds that of aluminium alloy and therefore, provide a better substitute to the current in service aluminium hub bars. Preliminary testing on the effects of adding wrappings to the composite hub bar revealed that it has the potential to exceed the torsional stiffness of its aluminium alloy counterparts. This paper presents the impetus and background of the project, preliminary design improvements on the composite hub bar, work completed to date, and a description of the future work to be done.


composite material; gyroplane hub bars

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