FSAE Intake System Design

Peter James Prendergast


ADFA Racing made the decision to utilize the Yamaha WR450 power plant in their FSAE competition vehicles during 2010. As part of integrating the engine into the 2012 car it is to be converted to electronic fuel injection. To facilitate these changes an intake system design to enable the engine to perform in an EFI configuration is required. A design process was undertaken with testing and validation of this design and previous work by ADFA Racing team members planned. Additionally, investigation into 3D printing rapid prototype components for testing and competition use was conducted.
An intake system has been designed, integrating the compulsory air flow restrictor, plenum chamber and primary runner for production by 3D printing. Analysis of the effects of plenum volume and primary runner length on the engine performance has been carried out using engine simulation software. A physical test system which allows variation of plenum volume and runner length has been produced. The test system uses a 3D printed component in its design for use on the Team’s engine test rig. Incorporated in this, significant work to rebuild the WR450 engine test rig has been completed and a test procedure developed for testing the variable intake system.
The Aim of this Engineering Project is to provide the Academy Racing team with an EFI WR450 engine intake system design for use in future competition vehicles and to assess the suitability of using low cost 3D printing to develop rapid prototype components.

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