Bond Strength of Solvent Bonded PMMA Rods

Melissa Wilks


This report follows the analysis, design and experimentation of solvent pairs used in the bonding of PMMA. It completes an analysis of the bond strength of solvent bonded PMMA rods through uni-axial tensile testing to ascertain whether an environmentally friendly solvent pair can be found for PMMA. The analysis of the solvent pairs includes the calculation of their Hansen solubility parameters and suitability with PMMA. This report looks at the results and ensuing analysis of 7 sets of solvents. This analysis shows that there was a stronger relationship to the molecular structure of the chemicals selected rather than the resulting RED number. It has also outlined the possibility of the PMMA solubility sphere to have been incorrectly defined, resulting in further analysis of this issue to be undertaken before a proper re-analysis of the data can take place and continue the search for a viable solvent replacement

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