Al 7075-T6 Cyclic Fatigue Testing at Elevated Temperatures

Isaac Leong


This report aims to highlight the progress of the thesis and to emphasise the key areas which will make up the majority of the research into the thesis. The aim of this research project is to determine the cyclic fatigue life trend of Al 7075-T6 at elevated temperatures. The motivations behind this research is to form a benchmark and a methodology to which nano-MMCs (Metal Matrix Composites) can be tested for fatigue properties. The method to which this will be done is by fixed amplitude cyclic tension-tension fatigue loading whilst controlling the surrounding temperature and mean stress applied to the specimen. The aim of this thesis is to develop the S-N curve for three temperatures in order to determine the effects of high temperature on aluminium and analyse the reasoning for this cause.


Aluminium; fatigue; elevated temperature; 7075

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