Mechanical Analysis of Spoolable Tubulars

KaMing Wong


In recent years, spoolable tubulars are often used in offshore engineering for the primary purpose of extraction and transportation of oil and gas. This is due to their main advantage of being retractable and transportable from site to site. However, spoolable tubulars would require special design considerations. Unlike conventional steel pipes, spoolable tubulars will have to be able to withstand loads of spooling and unravelling in addition to external and operating pressure loads. This report will thus outline the loads & failure criteria applicable and the design prospective in designing spoolable tubulars structures to meet these loads. The methodology and design process based on the identified operating scenarios and parameters will be also be further explained and simulated via ANSYS WORKBENCH 13.0 to eventually deliver a set of basic design criteria and conceptual designs for marine pipelines in the oil & gas industry.


FEM, Structural Analysis

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