Shock Tunnel Free-Flyer Launch Mechanism

Anindo Basu


There has been a significant amount of research conducted on hypersonic flow over planetary re-entry vehicles in the last 60 years. However, the flow around the base of hypersonic vehicles has remained relatively un-examined because accurate experimental results are difficult to produce due to support-interference. The base flow can be modeled by computational means, however there is a lack of tunnel test results to validate these calculations. In 2007, an interference-free model release mechanism was successfully deployed in the T-ADFA shock tunnel. This aim of this project is to redesign this mechanism to be simpler and more consistent. This will be achieved by dividing the mechanism into sub-systems, and designing each sub-system separately. So far, an experiment has been conducted which resulted in model release rotation being quantified, and the unsuccessful trail of an arbitrary shape launcher. This report will outline how the project will progress, and present the results of the experiment conducted.


Base flow; Planetary Re-entry

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