Application of Vibration Monitoring to Detect Flaws in Stiffened CFRP Panels

Andrew McKelvie


With the increase in the use of composite materials, in a wide range of industries, the complexity of the structures being manufactured is also increasing. There are many different methods of detecting damage using conventional non-destructive inspection techniques, but not all damage is detectable with these methods. Vibration monitoring is a damage detection technique that can be used as part of a Structural Health Monitoring System or event based to detect flaws at predetermined times. In this study four CFRP stiffened panels are fabricated with and without damage in the form of disbonds between the stiffeners and the base plates. Vibration monitoring is used to detect shifts in the frequency response between the panels. This report will detail the steps taken to analyse and evaluate vibration monitoring as an effective tool to detect common damage such as disbonds and delaminations in stiffened CFRP panels.


Composite materials; vibration monitoring; artificial disbond; stiffened panel

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