Photovoltaic Power Smoothing with Battery Energy Storage Systems

Michael Berry


Photovoltaic energy generation provides a clean, renewable and scalable source of electrical power, capitalising on the abundant solar energy of the Sun. Although photovoltaics is a growth solution for electricity generation, its dependence on climatic
conditions presents a challenge for electrical engineers and grid operators. Power smoothing seeks to reduce or eliminate fluctuation in the photovoltaic power output and thereby improve the stability of power delivered to a load. This summary report explores power smoothing through battery energy storage, and presents the design and performance of a combined hardware and software control solution. The controller employs a uniquely developed weather detection algorithm that enables dynamic
alteration of the output waveform characteristics, in response to variation of the photovoltaic input. The controller performance is shown to be very effective at eliminating uncontrolled oscillation, and maintaining stable controlled output under challenging
weather conditions.

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