Flight Hardening Procedures for the Application of Laser Spectroscopy to Scramjet Flight

Jason Peter Long


The application of tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy to scramjet inlets is evolving as a possible combustion optimisation and flight control tool for scramjet test flights. Work is being completed at UNSW@ADFA to prove the concept of using tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy on a modeled scramjet inlet. An important area of the proof-of-concept design is establishing relationships between the performance of such a system and the scramjet flight environment. This thesis is aimed at developing a series of flight hardening procedures to firstly develop these relationships and improve on the proof-of-concept design. This thesis deals predominantly with the effects of scramjet heating and inlet plate vibrations on the system performance. The flight hardening procedures include a two-dimensional analysis of heat transfer through the inlet plate, temperature saturation tests and an analysis of system performance for given inlet plate movements. A series of design improvements are recommended for the next iteration of the TDLAS system design.


Hypersonics; laser optics; scramjets

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