Carbon Content of the Built Environment

Liam Dray


The world view of the carbon content in the atmosphere is changing. Due to the possibilities of climate change and its implications, the general public opinion is to reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses which are emitted into the atmosphere. Significant steps have already been made with respect with this goal in mind in many key areas. The automotive industry is currently implementing electrical cars, the energy companies are developing renewable energy sources and, in general, house hold products are using energy efficiency ratings. However, the civil engineering community is only making its first steps into this area. This study will collate information gathered from other studies in an attempt to provide generalized carbon footprints associated with the different areas of the built environment, using a through life analysis approach. It will then provide the basis for the ability to lower the carbon footprint as key areas will have been identified. The study will also provide examples on how to best achieve a low carbon footprint.

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