Determine the Effect of Defects on the Fatigue Properties of Composite Panels

Craig Bamber


This projects aim is to develop and construct a tension-tension cyclic fatigue rig that can test multiple composite specimens throughout their fatigue life in a uniaxial plane, in order to determine how a defect within a composite specimen will affect the fatigue life of its structure. The scope of this thesis report is to initially understand the properties in composites that affect fatigue, the basis of fatigue damage and the life approach used in determining the behaviour of fatigue within composite materials. A significant product of this thesis is the construction of the rig, however, in doing so we need to analyse the results and conclusions from Colclough’s 2007 thesis. In analysing these results, the detailed design and validation will be a number of tasks that will be necessary to perform, determine and complete within the specified time schedule, to achieve the aim of this Thesis.

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