Development and Design Optimization of a “Six Inch Sub” - Summary Report 2012

Jack Daniel Weeks


This paper applies the Infeasibility driven evolutionary algorithm (IDEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis to optimize the drag of a previously designed six inch submarine. This thesis considers previous designs in the field of Micro-Uninhabited Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) and applies to it an extension of an existing design optimization process with improvements made to include the use of CFD analysis and a new ability to consider rotated component layouts. The evolutionary algorithm generates different layouts of the submarines components, assesses their individual feasibilities, and produces 3D geometries, meshes the fluid around the simulated submarine and runs a CFD analysis to determine the designs drag. This process is repeated to identify favourable parameters until a final, optimum design was produced. Using the methods available, although no improvement was able to be made to the existing, close to optimum, internal component layout of the existing design, the process was able to converge to an optimum solution under the criteria specified, confirming the procedure's authority. The submarines' external geometry was then redesigned and an improved drag produced, verifying the procedure.


multidisciplinary design optimization; computational fluid dynamics; uninhabited underwater vehicles; six inch submarine

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