Characterisation of Pavements Materials from Accelerated Model Pavement Testing and Back-analysis

Joshua Patrick An Nguyen


Pavement materials can be characterised using accelerated model testing, which
allows pavement materials to be tested under field performance conditions. The tests can
be conducted directly in the field or on model pavements in the laboratory. This report
aims to describe experiments conducted on pavement materials using an accelerated
model testing method, and how the materials were characterised using back-analysis.
The aim of the thesis is to characterise the pavement materials. A design pavement was
tested in a pavement model tank using cyclic loading and then, from the results, the
materials were characterized using back-analysis. The ‘design pavement’ consisted of a
lightly stabilised bound granular base material and a clay subgrade. The results of the
accelerated model testing were then compared to triaxial tests conducted on elements of
the base material using similar stress conditions to those experienced in the model
pavement. It was found that the results obtained from the accelerated model pavement
testing were not able to be replicated in a triaxial test under similar stress conditions.


accelerated model pavement testing; characterisation of pavement materials; back-analysis; triaxial testing

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