Numerical Simulation of the Lateral Impact on Composite Beams



The numerical simulation of lateral impact on composite beams is a LS-DYNA and ANSYS simulation of a FEM of a composite beam being impacted by a steel ball. The increasing use of composites requires a broader understanding of their behaviour especially under different loading conditions. The behaviour of a material under dynamic loading (impact) is a crucial element of using that material in a product (such as car, plane or building) to ensure the safety of the occupants. The simulations are of a clamped composite beam using two different materials – SE-84 GFRP and T300/934 CFRP – being impacted by a steel ball. The simulations modelled previous analytical and experimental data accurately. The simulation was studying the low velocity impact of the composite material and used 3 m/s in this case. The CFRP beam had a maximum displacement of 16.2mm and an impact force of 250N compared to the GFRP beam which had a maximum displacement of 15.5mm and an impact force of 177.3N. The T300/934 CFRRP beam simulation matched the maximum displacement within 10% and the impact force within 10.7% of the comparison analytical and experimental data.


composite materials; impact

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