Viability Of A Rapid Temporary Repair Of Composite Sandwich Panels

Ashley Wilhelm Galler


Despite the use of advance composite materials in industry for the last half-century, progress in the manufacture and repair of such structures appears to be somewhat limited. This engineering project aims to begin exploring the possibility of a simple and rapid temporary repair technique for an advanced composite sandwich structure. The idea is based on an aircraft component with the application to fall within ADBR methodology of the ADF. The technique proposed differs from current sandwich structure temporary repairs, in that it not only aims to prevent further damage but also recover some of the structures original strength. To achieve this, knowledge of advance composite materials, manufacturing of composite structures, industry testing standards and project management was needed and utilized. This report outlines the path the project took by detailing the processes of sample manufacture and testing, including a discussion of the findings and future recommendations for the repair technique.


Advanced composite materials; sandwich panels; penetration damange

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